Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Hannah, Linda, Sanne, Kevin, Megan, Tamara

We’ve doled out suggestions before about how to dress up for Chinese New Year, whether it’s alternative shades of red or a nod to the fruit of the season. Thankfully, it seems that anything goes nowadays, and most relatives aren’t superstitious enough to chastise you for your outfit choices when you go visiting. That said, if you’re feeling bold this year, we suggest taking colour to the extreme—think strong, almost gaudy prints, or stripes that contrast perfectly so as to almost give a 3D effect. Of course, you can always keep your outfit fairly simple and let your accessories do the heavy lifting—here’s where a colourful knit bag or a boldly patterned scarf will be set off nicely against neutral, colour-blocked basics. Give it a try, and you might just dazzle and distract relatives enough for you to slip away and dodge any pesky questions about your weight, career, and boyfriends or girlfriends—after you’ve collected your ang pao, of course.

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