A Shade Apart

Featuring (left to right, top to bottom): Kim, Vivien, Emily, Jia Ying, Lakshmi, Sophia

Is it that time of the year already? If you feel like getting in the festive mood (and also in the hopes of ushering abundance your way), there’s nothing quite like the colour red to signify all things prosperous. However, if you loathe fire-engine red—indeed, few can pull off such an stark hue—there are all manners of shades across the family to draw on. As always, do some self-checking to see which colour would work best with your skin. Those with warm skin tones would look best in taupe, mauve, or coral; if you have cool undertones, try burgundy or ruby. But of course, these aren’t hard and fast rules—after all, this season is all about having fun, catching up with friends and family, and stuffing your face with all those goodies.

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