Fringe Benefits

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Many of us have some awkward memories of a straight-cut fringe back from our childhoods, when the hairstyle was the easiest to execute by scissors-wielding mothers. But bangs are back in style, having moved beyond the phase of misadventures or experimentation, and now recognised as a fashion statement in themselves. Besides adding character to your outfit, bangs are the finishing touch to a signature look. As straightforward as they sound, they can be a tough nut to crack, and mastering the look requires a hefty amount of attention to details including your face shape, and the length, cut, and shape of your bangs. Straight-cut bangs that end at or slightly below the brows are a good place to start, but if you’re feeling adventurous, go for a quirkier look comprising of a bowl or semi-circular cut that ends midway along the forehead. Alternatively, drop all rules and embrace other possibilities—there’s nothing wrong with a blunt cut and its deliberate imperfections. Take some inspiration from these Shentonistas and switch up your hairstyle for a new look.

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