School’s Out

Featuring (left to right, top to bottom): No’man, Nicolas, Charles, Cherry, Doreen, Roe

No longer reserved for students and travellers, the backpack has made an appearance even in the heart of the CBD. Its ample size makes it a struggle-free way to tote around office documents with room to spare, and as much as we love our sling bags and carryalls, there’s no denying how practical, functional, and back-friendly they are. A lightweight canvas backpack, with its slouchy silhouette, exudes a laid-back aura with grownup, not childlike, appeal. This doesn’t mean having to keep your whole outfit casual, though—we love the playful juxtaposition of a coloured backpack against a smart pinstriped suit. For the ladies, a mini backpack is a great unconventional accessory, keeping your hands free for all that the day entails. These Shentonistas show how this school staple is now work-appropriate.

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