SHENTONISTA Highlights: Jan-Mar 2020

We know that sometimes you’ve just got too much on your plate to sift through all the content that you see all day, every day—so we’ve done it for you. Starting this month, we’re introducing a new quarterly feature to revisit all the people and details that made a mark on us in the past three months. While we believe that everyone’s unique sense of style and personality definitely ought to be celebrated, this is the TL;DR version so you can catch up on just a bit of what you might have missed. Handpicked and hard-fought for by each of our Shentonista team members, here are the people who imparted something to us and made their place in our hearts, long after the conversation ended.

Favourite LookThe corporate world can often be rather monochromatic—while we do see vibrant splashes of colour here and there, it takes someone special to be able to pull off multiple clashing colours, all at once. We loved how Gabby pulled off a mosaic of prints and colours in an outfit that not only instantly caught our eyes, but also dared us to be a little more adventurous with our own looks.

Gabby also shared with us more about her love for colours—read the full feature here.

Favourite QuoteMore from Aby here and here.

Favourite Detail
There’s a lot of talk about going sustainable, but it’s much harder to practice what you preach.  That’s why Lesley’s Onewheel motorised skateboard is our favourite detail of Q1 2020: we loved how portable her favoured mode of transport was, and how she worked her look to be around being active and on-the-go.

She recommended us some podcasts to get started on the trend too—click here to read all about it.

Something we learnt
More from Charlotte here.

Most Memorable
In our search for the unique personalities that make up our landscape, we often stumble upon people with an occupation that’s not so often heard of, or a vocation that sets them apart. With Dee, it was not just her simple, yet bold look, or her passion for Art Education, but also the grace with which she embraces life’s challenges that made for interesting conversation. She’s definitely someone that left a lasting impression on the team—read Dee’s thoughts in her own words here.

A trend we’ve noticed: Chunky KicksWe’ve seen a lot of trends come and go over the years, but this one definitely took us down nostalgia lane. Way back in primary school, chunky shoes were the bane of any kid’s existence. When school uniforms were de rigueur, your choice of accessories was all that you could use to express your (questionable) sense of style, and bulky shoes, bought by well-meaning, practical parents, were a mark of definite uncool—especially when all the cool kids wore Converse (or North Star, for those on a lower budget), Keds, or Vans.  The streets tell a different story today, though, and it seems that the chunkier your shoes are, the better. With more cushioning and foot support, we finally see what our parents were going on about all those years ago. If you’ve still got your Bata shoes from a decade back, chucked unceremoniously towards the back of your cabinet, there’s never been a better time to dust them off and bring them out.

The trendy Shentonistas featured here are: Tahlia, Yohana, E.C, and Jeremy.

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