The Charmers

Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Marie, Tianyun, Wilber, Serena, Nikki, Lynn

Charms are a quick and easy way to personalise any outfit or breathe new life into neglected pieces in the wardrobe. If you’d prefer to keep your outfit discreet, then bags are the perfect canvas to let your personality come to the fore. Whether it’s a little understated trinket or strikingly-coloured piece, a charm instantly makes a statement that you’re comfortable with, and can often add an element of surprise to the overall look. There are absolutely no rules; you can and should have fun, get creative, and mix things up. We think back to days in school, long ago, when we would embellish our schoolbags with all manners of pins, badges, stuffed animal keychains, woven friendship bracelets, and the like. These bag charms are all grown up but don’t lose any of their quirky appeal. The best part? You can switch them around and experiment without being committed to a single piece. Whether it’s a designer or bespoke piece, just a little something you picked up on your travels, or a playful, affordable alternative, the possibilities, like everyone’s personalties, are limitless.

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