Shentonista Highlights: October to December 2020

In a year filled with phases where time seems to have come to a complete standstill, it was the definitive end of each quarter and flipping to a new, untouched page of our calendars that often helped us keep track of the time. As we bring an uncertain year to its fateful end and brace ourselves for the new challenges the next year is bound to bring, we find it timely to revisit the people we’ve had the chance to meet over this last quarter. More than ever, we’ve realised the importance of reaching out to those around us—whether it’s old friends we’ve had the chance to reacquaint ourselves with or new folks who’ve brought something fresh to our lives, the final quarter at Shentonista has been one that was about celebrating people.

Most Memorable Person: Linda

To say Linda has gone through a metamorphosis is perhaps the most accurate way to capture the tremendous journey she’s taken over the past few years.  While she was a common face on Shentonista, Linda’s transformation from thriving in the fashion limelight to being advocate for conscious living inspired the Shentonista team to reconsider the thrill of binge buying more fast fashion during the year-end sales. We loved how she incorporated her newfound ethos into every aspect of her outfit—from the athleisure get-up that’s a perfect fit for her new lifestyle, to the crystal and jade accessories that center her, and handmade macrame bag that’s a physical manifestation of her ideals—and she left a lasting impression on us that made her our choice for the most memorable person this quarter.

Linda’s full feature can be found here; see her previous features here, here, here, and here.

Favourite Look: Adrian

If there’s anything we’ve learnt this year, it’s the growing realisation that pyjamas can and should be considered formal workwear. While we’ve been adapting back to the routines and rituals of the office, comfy attire is something we’re not quite ready to let go of. In fact, we’ve seen different and creative variations of semi-formal lounge wear make their debut over the year, but none that quite appealed to us as much as Adrian’s, who’s matching attire not only made us want to curl up on the couch, but also crank open our laptops and get to work.

More from Adrian here.

Favourite Quote: Shelby

Read more from Shelby here.

Something we’ve learnt: Gabby

Gabby’s feature continues here.

Favourite Detail: Wanda

We’ve seen a resurgence of the pinafore in the recent years, one that has perhaps been aided by the evolution of modest dressing. Adaptable and breezy to weather through the tropical climate, a long pinafore, layered with a shirt of your choice, is an outfit that you can switch up and repurpose for all occasions. Wanda’s choice of dress, with its bow detail that added an element of surprise to the overall structure, was one that immediately caught our eyes.

See more of Wanda’s outfit here.

Things our Shentonistas have enjoyed:

“I recently revisited one of an old favourite book of mine—Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. I caught the play last month and it really got me crying my heart out in my seat. There are a lot of essential life lessons in the story, from teaching about forgiveness to learning how to lead a meaningful life. This book just makes me feel some sort of way and I think everyone should read it at least once in their life.”

“My favourite anime of all time is Your Name. I’m not really an emotional person when I watch shows, so I don’t like it for sentimental reasons. The places in the movie are very nicely drawn—like they’re real places but not real at the same time, you know? It’s a show I can rewatch a lot.”

“People usually have a fixed stereotype when they think about Korean dramas, so Kingdom was a drama that was really refreshing. It’s good for all genders, and it’s quite short, so it’s easy to introduce to someone who doesn’t usually watch romantic dramas.”

“A song that I’ve recently really enjoyed is Moon by Kid FrancescoliI picked it up while watching Emily in Paris on Netflix and I really love it—and this is coming from an Emily in Singapore.”


SAM x Shentonista: Novel Ways Of Dressing 

This quarter gave us a chance to explore a question we’ve constantly had on our minds—isn’t fashion a mode of art? Our collaboration with the Singapore Art Museum was a chance for us to not only see how different forms of self-expression can become tangible and intangible forms of art, but also about celebrating the different individuals who bring art closer to the public, and vice versa. As part of Novel Ways Of Dressing, we introduced you to six members of the Singapore Art Museum team, who each chose to be fashionably inspired by an artwork from the Learning Gallery at National Gallery Singapore. Journey with each of them by revisiting the series here.

The process of creating art is a work of art by itself—the Shentonista team documented the behind-the-scenes of how each of the title images were created, fashioned from the varied inspirations mentioned in each of the articles. Watch the video below to find out how we brought art and fashion together on one canvas.

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