Shentonista Highlights: Apr-Jun 2020

It’s certainly been a quarter unlike any other and one filled with many ups, downs and inventive get-arounds. This quarter also marked many firsts for the Shentonista team—for the first time in our 9-year history, we found ourselves unable to head out to the streets, and held our first virtual Shentonista shoot. We’re sure it’s been a time of relearning old habits and adapting to new ones for everyone, and with so many changes ongoing, we know it can be hard to keep up with everything we’ve shared over the past three months. In the second edition of our Shentonista Highlights, we’ve condensed it down to an easy bite-sized format that’ll help you catch up with all that you need to know, and all the people you might have missed.

Most memorable person
A last-minute entry that snatched up all our votes as the most memorable person is Ezekiel, who turned out to be the real star of our Shentonista Fathers series. With ‘making funny faces’ charting high on his list of favourite hobbies, Ezekiel brought a burst of joy and tons of laughter to the Shentonista team, leaving the biggest impression on us during the interview with his dad (sorry, Esmond!). See some of our favourite moments from him in the compilation below, and find out more about his bond with Esmond, who calls him his ball of joy, in the full feature here.


Things We Learnt
At a time when many of us found a little leeway in our usually packed schedules to pick up a new skill or revisit an old hobby, our Shentonista community came together to share handy guides and advice that made your time at home a little more smooth-sailing.

Learn a new recipe with Cherin and Silvia, go green with Dylan and Geraldine, get moving with Alyssa and Elvina, stay safe yet in style with Dawn and Marie, ace the WFH look with Linh and find a moment of calm with Mae.


Favourite quote

More from Su here and here.

Favourite detail
What’s the finishing touch that brings an outfit together? For the Shentonista team, a great look isn’t based on putting together a list of popular brands or hopping on the latest trends, but one where your personality shines through the simplest of details. We loved that about VJ and Eliza: VJ proudly calls himself the “oldest Hypebeast around”, and the fun accessories he decked his outfit with (including a pair of kicks from his carefully amassed sneaker collection) won us over, while Eliza’s nifty trick to hide her outgrown pixie cut elevated her get-up to a new level.

With the usual commotion of regular life on pause, we were more than happy to switch out our usual work attires with worn-out school tees and printed pyjama pants. Yet many of us still missed the extra boost of confidence that a thoughtfully-assembled outfit brought us, or the excitement that came with pulling off a new look—which was why we invited everyone to transform their hallways at home to a runway worthy of any fashion week. We’d like to give a big shoutout to all our Shentonistas who took part in the fun challenge, and while we fell in love with every look, here’s a look back at some that left us in awe.

Challenge 1: Best WFH outfit


Challenge 2: Mothers’ Day Special


Challenge 3: An outfit for your first day back at work


Celebrating the ones who gave us life
Lastly, we also spent some time with the people who make a house a home.

From holding our hands as we take our first unsteady steps to being a constant source of support as we journey through life, our parents have always given us more than we could possibly thank them for. The Shentonista team celebrated both Mother’s and Father’s Day by chatting with parents from all walks of life, who shared with us a glimpse into a day in their lives. We were reminded once again that while we often believe them to be our infallible heroes and problem-solvers, they too have their own struggles and worries, just like us.

Take a look back at Shentonista Mothers, where Grace, Lisa and Sherlin took snapshots of their new WFH routine at home. For Shentonista Fathers, we sat down for a chat with three different families—Thomas, Iszahar and Esmond—who shared with us more about the different facets of fatherhood.

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