Shentonista Of The Year — Top 20


Almost there—we’re thrilled to reveal the top 20 Shentonistas of 2016. We take a look back with this special recap on the people who’ve made it this far, in chronological order:

1/ 1 January 2016, A Little Edge, Sheena.


We ask Sheena if blue is her favourite colour, and she laughs, shaking her head. “No, although it might seem so, based on my look today. I do like adding pops of colour to my outfit, although I’m usually in more neutral colours.”

Read the full post here.

2/ 6 January 2016, Game, Lin.

2. 6_Jan-Lin-Singapore-Banking-Top_Uniqlo-Pants_Zara-Heels_Charles_and_keith-Bracelet_Thomas_Sabo-Wallet_Kate_Spade-27112015-5-1024x576

Lin calls herself a free spirit, and can think of endless things she’d like to be doing if she wasn’t working in her current profession. “Open a restaurant, act on Broadway, join a dance troupe, travel the world, be a museum or art gallery curator, freedom fighter, farmer…You name it, and I’m game,” she says.

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3/ 16 March 2016, Old Is Gold, Yoh Thai

3. 16_March-Yoh_Thai-Singapore-IT-Shirt_Vivienne_Westwood-Pants_Issey_Miyake-Shoes_Gucci-Wallet_Bottega_Veneta-15012016-5-1024x576

“Focus on what you do and be happy. If you are happy, the people around you will have the same vibe.” Yoh Thai’s parting words of wisdom to us young ones: “Be the underdog, work smart and harder than your peers. Make decisions, and do not procrastinate.”

Read the full post here.

4/ 9 May 2016, Sunkissed, Geraldine.

4. 9_May-Geraldine-Singapore-Finance-Dress_Zalora-Necklace_Lee_Hwa_Jewellery-Watch_Rolex-Cluth_Bangkok-Shoes_Marks__Spencers-12022016-1-1024x576

Geraldine’s outfit illustrates attention to detail at its finest: the slim gold chain encircling her neck was chosen to match the watch sitting at her wrist, and also played off a similarly-coloured belt.

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5/ 1 June 2016, Subtlety, Reza

5. 1_June-Reza-Singapore-Advertising-Top_COS-Pants_Issey_Miyake-Shoes_COS-SHENTONISTA11032016-308-Edit-110320161-4-1024x576

Outside of the office, Reza wishes he had more time to pursue his interests in illustration and graphic design, or take a break and travel to other countries like Brazil. “I want to experience their culture, interact with their people, and — to be honest — I think there are more things to do there than in Singapore.”

Read the full post here.

6/ 15 July 2016, That Certain Something, Grace

6. 15_July-Grace_Leong-Communications-Singapore-Top_Stradivarius-Pants_Uniqlo-Shoes_COS-Watch_Squale-Pouch_Slam_Signs-Earrings_TANGS-Ring_Lovisa-03062016-5-2-1024x576

Grace has come to believe that at work, personal expression should come from the mind, and what you wear shouldn’t distract from that. “When you’ve got more to offer than a flash of thigh or cleavage (or semblance of it, in my case), you appreciate good design that speaks about you, and not for you. Still, Iris Apfel said it’s better to be happy than to be well-dressed, so I’ve made a recent resolution to be less judgemental of people for what they wear.”

Read the full post here.

7/ 29 July 2016, For The Better, Sinee

7. 29_July-Sinee-Thailand-Landscape_Architect-Top_Everyday_Apparels-Pants_Bershka-Shoes_Adidas-Bag_Uniqlo-Watch_Roots-10062016-6-2-1024x576

Although Sinee is away from home, it seems she’s keeping her family on her mind through this piece of advice from her mother: “Time is the most precious thing in the world; be wise and spend it with the people whom you care about, and who care about you.”

Read the full post here.

8/ 17 September 2016, Taking The Plunge, Elisabeth

8. 17_Sept-Elisabeth-Singapore-Banker-Top_Zalora-Pants_Tinselrack-Shoes_Zalora-Bag_New_Look-15072016-4-1-1024x576

“Best piece of advice I’ve ever received? Something along the lines of: being comfortable is a sign that you’re not challenging yourself, and that should scare you.”

Read the full post here.

9/ 20 September 2016, Adding Up, Jaslyn

9. 20_Sept-Jaslyn_Bang-Singapore-Fashion-Top_Own_Muse-Skirt_Topshop-Shoes_Wood_Wood-Watch_Rolex-Pouch_Undercover-Bangle_MantraBand-15072016-5-1024x576

“When it comes to style, you just know when it works. I add on key pieces over each season but I also have my mainstay items which I have kept and am still wearing after many years. The only thing is that I’m finally able to afford better quality items in my wardrobe.”

Read the full post here.

10/ 30 September 2016, Sweet At Heart, Cillia

10. 30_Sept-Cillia-Singapore-Banking-Pants_MDS-Shoe_CharlesKeith-Bag_Mango-Watch_Fendi-09092016-05-1024x576

“The best decision I’ve made was to become a home baker. My favourite thing to make are macarons—I work a lot on customised designs and different-flavoured fillings. Think Pandan Gula Melaka, and Red Velvet with Swiss meringue butter instead of cream cheese!”

Read the full post here.

11/ 14 October 2016, Her Own Beat, Rebecca

11. 14_Oct-Rebecca-Singapore-Banker-Top_Zara-Shoes_CharlesKeith-Bag_Rabeanco-Watch_TheHorse-Bracelet_Pandora-09092016-05-1024x576

“The best advice I’ve received is to not overthink, because I tend to think too much.”

Read the full post here.

12/ 17 October 2016, Back On Track, Amanda

12. 17_Oct-Amanda-Singapore-Banking-Dress_Warehouse-Bracelet_Pandora-Shoes_Melissa-Watch_Fossil-Bag_MarcJacobs-09092016-05-1024x576

“If I could have a special power, I wouldn’t mind being able to fly! I tend to overpack my schedule so flying would get me to places fast.”

Read the full post here.

13/ 26 October 2016, A Special Touch, Marie

13. 26_Oct-Marie-Singapore-Dog_Behaviourist-Top_Kenzo-Skirt_Zara-Shoes_Tods-Bag_Hermes-Strap_Fendi-Watch_Panerai-Earrings_Dior-UNIFORM-30092016-6-1024x576

“I run marathons—I started two years ago, it’s something that has actually been on my bucket list— and raise funds for rescue dogs. I’ve always felt that it was my calling to work with dogs. And I got to meet Caesar Milan when he came to Singapore as well!”

Read the full post here.

14/ 9 November 2016, Pleasantries, Samantha

14. 9_Nov-Samantha_Teng-Singapore-Banking-Dress_Mango-Shoes_Steve_Madden-Wristlet_Coach-UNIFORM-18102016-4-1024x576

“I can’t live without black clothes! Today’s beige dress is an exception.”

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15/ 17 November 2016, Blessed, Dao Hua

15. 17_Nov-DaoHua-Singapore-Finance-Tie_Ferragamo-Belt_Benjamin_Barker-Shoe_Ed_Et_Al-Watch_IWC-UNIFORM-18102016-5-1024x576

“Life is fleeting. Endeavour to make the best out of each day you’re blessed with.”

Read the full post here.

16/ 22 November 2016, Going With The Times, Matthew

16. 22_Nov-Matthew-Singapore-Tailor-Blazer-Shirt-Pants_Kayjen-Shoes_Neermin-UNIFORM-11112016-4-1024x576

“My ideal work uniform would basically be just oxford shirts and high-waisted trousers. And if possible, sneakers every day. I wear my leather shoes on days when I have meetings.”

Read the full post here.

17/ 3 December 2016, Chasing A Feeling, Soma

17. 3_Dec-Soma-Singapore-Banking-Top_Zara-Pants_ASOS-Shoes_Charles__Keith-Earrings_Esta-22112016-5-1024x576

“I’ve yet to jump out of a plane, so the craziest thing I’ve done is to go on the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster at Universal Studios Singapore—I went twice. In Abu Dhabi, there’s a ride called Formula Rossa and it’s the fastest ever roller coaster in the world. It goes at 240km/h, so that’s one I’d love to go on.”

Read the full post here.

18/ 9 December 2016, Adventure Is Out There, Denise

18. 9_Dec-Denise-Singapore-Banking-Dress_Supergirl-Shoes_Aldo-22112016-4-1024x576

“In my free time, I’ll just stay home and watch TV if there’s nothing to do. Right now, I’m watching this Hong Kong series about kung fu. I’m open to any genre, as long as the show has an interesting storyline.”

Read the full post here.

19/ 21 December 2016, A Fresh Start, Lukas

19. 21_Dec-Lukas-Slovakia-FB-Jeans_Levis-Bag_Reebok-Shoes_Reebok-25112016-5-1024x576

“I like the creative aspect of bartending—being hands on with the drinks, and the skill that goes into creating them. I also like the hospitality side of my work—I enjoy the crowd, and talking to people. My tattoo is actually of my very first shaker.”

Read the full post here.

20/ 28 December 2016, New Visions, Dickson.

20. 28_Dec-Dickson-Singapore-Advertising-Shirt-COS-Bag_Haerfast-Watch_Uniform_Wares-Shoes_Buttero-UNIFORM-06122016-5-1024x576

“When I was living in Sydney, I came across a campaign by Tooheys Beer called 6 Beers of Separation, stemming from the theory of “6 Degrees of Separation”. The campaign revolved around four lucky applicants traveling the world with a six pack of beer in search for their respective idols. I thought it was a really entertaining piece of work that made use of the product in an ingenious way, and that opened my eyes to the world of advertising.”

Read the full post here.

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